Affiliate Disclosure

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Affiliate disclosure

Hello again everyone,

In this small article i like to share with you our affiliate disclosure and how this also can benefit you if you are currently affiliate marketing.

affiliate disclosure
affiliate disclosure


Lets first start the meaning of affiliate marketing

what is affiliate marketing? Simply said affiliate marketing is selling other people’s product for a commision, for most people this is more convenient because this doesn’t have all the annoying bureaucracy involved, no paperwork and no hassle with the products, just the *easy* work. 

This is how a lot of work from home markerters work and this is also how we work our businesses, so every time someone buys a product through us, we get a commission for it and this is necessary to pay the hosting fees & keep the websites up and running plus several more expenses we have to provide for.


Why the affiliate disclosure?

Simply said it helps ranking for the search engines, if you have your own affiliate marketing business right now, then make sure to add the affiliate disclosure to your website, it is actually beneficial for your website, it is also required by law that you should add it, not everyone does it, but we suggest you do, because it’s also simply an extra ranking addition for your website, so why not add it?

Foremost Honesty will always last the longest, being upfront and honest in your businesss adventures will only bring you more success, this is our philosophy and this is how we conduct our businesses.


Add your afiliate disclosure and let your readers know they have come to the right place, your readers will value your honesty and integrity, add your affiliate disclosure to your front page and below, your readers should be hunting for it, they should be able to see it in plain sight.

Well that was it folks, a small article about the affiliate disclosure, we have our own on this very page, make sure to add to your future business adventures.


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