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How to Make money online for a living – an inside look into Wealthy Affiliate and how it works.


My Personal Insight and inside look into WA.

How to make money online for a living by using wealthy affiliate, lets find out.


Program name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website Link :         How to make money online for a living

Starter Membership: FREE.                                      

Premium Membership: $49/m or $359/year.

Owners : Kyle and Carson.

Overall Ranking : 98/100

Who is it for: Everyone, Beginner and Expert.

Verdict: Extremely Legit

See Real time Testimonials from WA members : REVIEWS

How to work Home Jobs provides one of the best answers here!



Small Introduction.

Wealthy Affiliate… what to call it exactly, not really a program or product either.. from my experience I would call it more of a university, better yet a community, I have been quite the critic most of my life, had some bad past experiences and learned to distrust most people or *programs that I meet if its about money,


If you were truly thinking about how to make money online for a living, then you have come to the right place!


I have been on the path for creating an online business for a while, but my knowledge and expertise were very low to nothing, I had no training or education about online business, let alone marketing, nor did anyone ever offer me any kind of training, all the programs I encountered before were either so-called get rich schemes or programs that sell themselves…


All the reviews about WA is almost 100% positive!

Eventually my research stumbled upon Wealthy affiliate and I could tell they were very different from any other *program* I ever encountered, first of all their Free Starter Membership, try out risk free, no payments required, from everything else I encountered before, this was unheard of and even more interesting was almost every review about WA is 100% positive!


 so even though I was still critical about it, it was definitely worth the try, why? because it was Free! and now 10 months later have my very own business, Check it out if you haven’t yet , after 8 months of work, effort, creativity, persistence and MORE I started to make money from it at last and now after 10 months more than $900 per month!

Work from home or anywhere else in the world!


A Look Inside WA

After the initial welcome and introduction, I immediately went to the training and it is very REAL, they are Straightforward, honest and realistic in their teachings, This is definitely NOT a Get Rich Quick solution and they do NOT exist, however by making your business successful and bringing in a following up of businesses you CAN definitely Get Rich Overtime, take a look at the picture below and pleas keep on reading..



How to make money online for a living



What you see there on the picture is the start of a awesome journey! The start of a training towards creating a successful online business, and no that’s not me on the picture, but Kyle he’s one of the founders of WA and has more than 15 years of experience in creating online businesses and he’s also the one who made the course for the online entrepreneur training. 🙂


This is just one of many training tutorials on wealthy affiliate university, I will call it a university from now on because that’s the reality of WA, you learn here everything you need to know, way more than in any university and that’s a guarantee and the best part here is you earn while you learn, you never stop learning, Never. even after 10 months I still keep learning something new every single day, I redo the lessons, check the seminars, which are for FREE for all premium members and new seminars come in every single week.


there are many experts we can talk to on WA and learn from all of them, which is why the premium membership is merely a small investment, but still from the starter membership you can do a good deal, just the premium is obviously a massive upgrade,

but don’t take my word for it, Try it out and you will find out for yourself that every word I speak here is the truth, you can join for free here, Find out for yourself.


What can you expect from Wealthy affiliate

Well almost anything you can hope for building a successful online business, Is WA perfect? No they are not, are they amazing? They Certainly are, nothing is perfect in this world, however we always try our best to make everything better,

The same goes for WA, they always upgrade their webpages and platforms, making sure we always have a state of the art platform to work from and they really spend a lot of money on it, they really want to help us and any other future entrepreneur to have a successful business and a successful future, that you can count on, Always.


So how to make money online for a living with Wealthy affiliate?  You have unlimited options on how to make a business!

A simplified version to what will be going when you will be building out your online business, You choose and interest, could be your passion or anything else you can think of, once chosen you build a website, once you have that its time for rankings and visitors and the moment you will have been waiting for Earning money!

for a more detailed explanation how building a business works, check out my post, how to make money online for a living – Starting a online business – How does it really work?

So we have Interest >>>>>> Website>>>>>Visitors>>>>Earn Revenue


How to make money online for a living




Here are the most common positives traits that people love about Wealthy affiliate.

  • Getting Started Training (the process is completely SIMPLIFIED!)
  • Beginner and expert Friendly
  • Video training, Tutorial training, Classroom training and Courses
  • More than 1.000.000 HELPFUL community members
  • 13+ Full, Interactive Classrooms
  • Live & Interactive Help (even at 2am in the morning!)
  • 2 Free, Amazingly Designed Websites
  • State of the Art Secure and Fast Hosting
  • Access to Industry Experts & successful entrepreneurs
  • A strict spam free environment.
  • Completely FREE to Get Started! (with no catches)


And ofcourse everyone loves the last one, This is the only program in the industry that even offers this, starting your own online dream for zero cost and the reason for this is simple! You will love your Online Adventure together with Wealthy Affiliate and that’s a Guarantee!

next you will see more how to make money online for a business of your own, to become your own boss!


This is what is included in the Free membership and ofcourse there is a lot more in it, pleas check the images below:


How to make money online for a living

This one of the best way how to make money online for a business! best yet, Earn while you Learn!


How to make money online for a living


As you can see there is a lot of training available, you can have your very own free websites and understand how the process of setting up an online business works, how you get traffic (visitors) to your website and so much more!

If you have any trouble thinking of any ideas to create a business from then maybe you can take an idea or 2 from my post, how to make money online for a business – business idea’s


This is all about helping YOU become successful! if you are already feeling excited and want to start right away, Then by all means Join and Start your online success Today, If you were looking for hope, looking for a way to become successful, then THIS is it, there truly is nothing like WA, Just Promise one thing!

if you join, feel excited to join or even hesitant to join, Just at the very least complete your account setup and TRY THE FREE MEMBERSHIP, you will become more knowledgeable, more acquainted to the online business concept, but more importantly a STEP CLOSER to success and by all means do come back here and give an *ugly* comment *if* it didn’t meet the expectations,


ALL comments are welcome here, this is a place where people can learn and grow in regards to becoming successful online, so positive or negative both are experiences to learn from! But I promise you, only success awaits you.


Success Is Near!

Start you Success Today and your life wont be the same again, This system is for anyone who is thinking of starting an online business, but lets get something out of the way first, who is it NOT for, well lets make that clear and simple…


  • For people who think they can get rich quick ( Good luck with that).
  • For people that give up quickly because there is some work involved, almost considered the same as the first, ENJOY the dang process of creating your own Online Dream, it’s your own design and creativity you put in!
  • People who are too impatient! believe it or not those people do exist, creating a business takes time, creativity, its always a work in process, give it the love it deserves and it will become amazing!
  • Extremely Lazy people, we can all be lazy sometimes, but come on, your business needs YOU, if you want success, then work for it!
  • People who try to do everything themselves, maybe these kind of people do not exactly belong to the Who is it not for category, but still very important if you want to become successful, ASK FOR HELP!!!!!


I could probably go on, but I guess we all get the idea right? if not… then all hope is lost for you and eternal doom awaits you! well.. maybe not that dramatic, but still miles away from true success and may God be with you…


Well now….. on to the more Positive side of life shall we? Anything in life that is successful always required some form of work and effort, this is the way life goes, if you want to achieve your Goals then you need to work for it and you will reap rewards of your labor, Its That Simple.. For the ones ready for real success, here are some more of the benefits you well receive.


  • Always 365/24/7 live and active chat (that also mean always support)
  • Highly Active Community
  • Step by step Help on how to build your business
  • Private 1 on 1 support
  • Live interactive Discussions
  • Support from me or anyone else at WA, including experts and successful business entrepreneurs
  • Also Private Access to community Expert
  • First Month premium Only f0r $19
  • 50 websites/domains
  • And Much more.

This is just a short list of what awaits you, there is a lot more to come and as you just saw there is also a premium, lets take a sneak peak at that shall we?

Your question on How to make money online for a living becomes even more of a reality at premium! 


What do premium members get, besides everything mentioned above, So much more awaits the ones that go premium, its where success gets an *upgrade*, it’s an all in one included package, no need to pay extra for hosting fees, keyword searching tool fees, website building fees, hiring extra help fees, searching the internet forever for questions and answers etc etc…

don’t get me wrong here, there is a Great Deal you can do with the free membership, but the premium package just upgrades all of that and its a Small but Amazing Investment to make and well worth your time, lets take a look what more premium members get.


More training!


How to make money online for a living



Yes more training awaits you! more courses and more tutorials to learn from and the saying goes Earn while you Learn! And there is really heck of a lot of Valuable information and experience on it and is well worth your time.



No.. its not one of those get rich quick scheme seminars I’m so sorry to disappoint you.. okay but on a more serious note the next image is an important one and on the picture below you will see why. 😉


How to make money online for a living


A Seminar made by one of WA successful members, he’s been around WA for about 10 years, so his information and experience on online business is extremely valuable, in this case the seminar is about 10 steps to acquire top google rankings, a seminar I also learned from and extremely insightful, a real addition next to the WA training and very easy to understand,


nothing at WA is too difficult, which makes building a successful online business so much more of a reality! there are many more seminars like this, all free to watch and all way more valuable than any other paid online seminars you will watch and every time the latest info comes out, you can be sure WA will have it!


What does Wealthy Affiliate cost?

Way less than most seminars and any other online program you will find and less for a $1,- a day and you will see why.

Free membership: $0,-

And ofcourse everyone takes this offer, for an obvious reason…

Premium membership: first month $19,-  afterwards $49,-/m  (Or…… See next)

Premium membership:  $359,- /year   (a massive discount on the yearly membership)

Or just keep going with your free membership, that is also okay, you are free to choose, nothing is obligated and wont ever be, but its definitely well worth your money and especially time, to try at least the first month.


It’s well worth it to try the first month for $19, you will be amazed at what is available to you, what I only can give you here is the truth, there is no deception and no scam, if you want success just make yourself a promise and that is to try out the Free membership, there you will find out the truth for yourself,

every successful business has a starting point, has investment, with the tools at WA you can achieve success much faster than anywhere else, but it still always requires your work, your own design and creativity, it requires YOU and you CAN do this.


And once more, if you are more interested to see how a online business works check out my post how to make money online for a living – starting a online business – how does it really work?


Final word

Compared to an regular university, Wealthy affiliate university offers so much more, higher quality and education, an amazing community and an amazingly helpful community, seminars, private 1 on 1 conversation and all that for the fraction of the cost of an regular university, its definitely well worth your investment.

And as said before, if you feel what is mentioned here not what you have experienced, pleas come back and shout at me, however if you find that everything what was said here is true, pleas do also come back and share your experience so others can learn from your experience, Try it out before judging, I dare you to take this *challenge*, helping you succeed is our goal here, Take this Opportunity.


And again if you haven’t, Check out the real time testimonials of Wealthy affiliate members – REVIEWS


This is one of your best answers on how to make money online for a real business, your OWN business, take it!

Are you ready to succeed? Then Sign Up now!

How to make money online for a living
How to make money online for a living


Helping you succeed in life is truly the goal here and if you are still thinking how to make money online for a living, then I guarantee you, This is the way! I do my best to provide you with real options to help your succeed and will continue to provide them anytime something new comes up,


Any question? Feel free to comment below or to e-mail me privately at


all the best, your friend,



24 thoughts on “How to make money online for a living – Begin For Free With Wealthy Affiliate / Review

  1. Mark, thanks for being so detailed and comprehensive on this. Glad your Wealthy Affiliate experience is going great. I know I’ve had similar experiences and I too think really positively of WA. I like that you described it as a university and community which are both so true.

    1. Hi Dalton, I’m glad to see you liked the review, always happy to receive a visit from a fellow WA member, if there’s anything I missed to mention, pleas feel free to add anything you think I should tell or show to other visitors coming here, so it can benefit there experience here. thanks for commenting.

      Wish you all the best,


  2. Hi Mark,
    Thank you for your detailed account of Wealthy Affiliate. I’m just a beginner in interactive study and setting up a business on line .You have taken the fear away for me from this in the way you describe the support, learning and benefits of doing it with Wealthy Affiliate. I’m definitely giving it a try. There seems to be nothing to lose but loads to gain. Is there a time limit on how fast you have to go through the lessons ? as I have children and some days I’ll be able to work on it and other days/ weeks I won’t especially school holiday time. Will this hinder my experience at Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. Hi Sinead,
      You really do only have a win-win reality here, wealthy affiliate helps you building your own successful business by teaching you, supporting you and providing you with the tools and methods, you are never alone and help is everywhere, there is no time limit on how fast you can do the courses, the best speed is always your own speed,

      as long as you understand the courses and can apply them, that is what matters most, as for your last question, NOTHING can hinder your experience at WA, only yourself, ofcourse the more time you put into the faster your business will grow, but don’t think of it like a race, Enjoy the process towards your own personal success, put all the time in you can spare, if you keep working continuously on your business, you will be success, the lessons aren’t to hard, they are simplified so everyone can understand it, definitely at the very least try it out, the free membership is great! I’m glad you found this post helpful, if you need help ill be there for you.

      Wish you all the best Sinead,


  3. I’m really interested in what you are saying here. And how Wealthy Affiliate can help you even if I’m a beginner, and that’s a relief to me. There is so much I can learn from, and the free membership, I love it. Someone like me with a trying website that hasn’t even got google indexed yet would love to give this a try. I’m giving it a try!

    1. I see you already have your own website, WA can definitely help you upgrade all of your rankings, get you indexed into google quickly, help you how to get more visitors, teach you more about online business and marketing and so much more, with WA having a online business is an adventure! Try it out, it will change your life for sure!

      Wish you all the best,


  4. I’m reading as many reviews as i can on Wealthy Affiliate and I seem to get the impression that I can stay as a free member for as long as i want or until I’m ready to do the upgrade, It sounds too good to be true, am I missing something here?

    1. Hi Nani, The truth is you can read all the reviews you want about WA but the best and only way is to try it out for yourself, The Free membership is exactly one of the reasons what makes WA an authentic service, yes you can stay a free member indefinitely if you want to be, there is no obligating to go premium at all, but There is an obvious reason why there is a premium membership, because There Online success gets a massive upgrade, in training, tools and materials, unlimited free webinars and so many other cool stuff, to answer your questions is it too good to be true, in this case it is very true, it doesn’t get any more real than this, with WA you can succeed online, I myself have tried many programs myself, Don’t take my word for it, try it out yourself and you will find out every word I speak is the truth, thanks for commenting Nani, if you need any assistance, pleas feel free to ask any time,

      Wish you all the best,


  5. Hey I really like your review i agree wa is a very great place but is more like a school and I’ve been with wa a for about 2 months now and have done all the lessons so far and I love wa and a agree that it is a great place to be if you want your own online business keep up the good work


    1. Hey Brent, I see you are also a WA member, also happy to receive another visit and review from fellow members, I’m glad to see you are already gaining so much from WA already, The lessons are indeed amazing you just learn so much about online marketing, building and running your own business, its great! keep up the good work, be persistence and you will be successful, that’s a guarantee.

      Thanks for commenting Brent,

      Wish you all the best,


  6. I have a history of web design which I have had little success with in the past and I wish that I found this information sooner! I greatly appreciate the detailed explanation of Wealthy Affiliate and am eager to take full advantage of everything that they have to offer; there is nothing more important than learning how to market yourself on the internet. Thank you for fueling this desire I have to make it big working online from home!

    1. Hi Michael,

      You’re very welcome! infact having some experience with Website designing makes having success with WA even faster, besides the lessons and creating your own websites with them, you will learn how to increase rankings in search engines like google, yahoo and Bing so you will get visitors to your website and so much more comes with it, its very exciting! follow your desire, join the free membership and learn how to build a successful online business properly. 🙂

      I Wish you Great success and enjoy the journey my friend. 🙂


  7. Thank you for this review. wealthy affiliate sure looks like the way to go, but I really wonder if this is just another scam or the real deal….

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      I understand your fear, the best answer to that question is…………
      Try it out, the free membership really is free, try the training, try everything, you don’t need to register a credit card nor to make any hidden payments, You will only know it for yourself by doing it. 🙂

      I wish you all the best my friend,


  8. This really is a step rather, a ladder of steps – above all the training I ever had on Internet marketing. Years ago I learned from some of the best. I found out after coming here, I needed an update on all the changes. There have been a lot of things that passed me by.

    All I can say is I am impressed just from the free stuff. Thanks for letting me know about Wealthy Affiliate.


    1. Hi Ron,

      Glad you enjoyed the training, even for the most experienced internet marketers wealthy affiliate always seems to surprise them, because everything WA offers is an upgrade to everything that they already know, the difference between beginners and more experienced internet marketers is that the experienced marketers can achieve success faster because they already know a good deal, just with WA everything gets a massive upgrade, your website, SEO, your rankings, visitors, knowledge and training and so much more, I wish more and greater success Ron, thanks for commenting.

      All the best. 🙂


  9. This is brilliant. I really love the training and support that this platform offers. Seems almost hard to believe that all of this value can be retrieved in the one place?

    1. The saying it seems too good to be True is correct in a lot of cases, but in wealthy affiliate’s case you can believe your own eyes, everything is true and you are discovering that now for yourself, which is great! Enjoy your Online journey my friend because your new adventure is just starting. ^^

      Wish you all the best, 🙂


  10. thanks for the review I always wanted to have a look inside wealthy affiliate, I was really looking for a post like this.

  11. This is a really thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate. I heard a lot of good reviews and feedback on WA. It seems like this is a really legit platform.

    I heard that you can have access to the owners of WA. Is it true? If it is, wouldn’t the owners be freaked out and too busy because there must be a lot of people contacting them every day…

    1. Hahaha… it is true you have access to the owners directly and yes they are very busy! people ask them for help and questions all the time, the best thing is they always respond, even though they are working hard every day to make WA and its tools, platforms and training better, they always make time to answer any question you have or problem, I know this from personal experience, because even I stumble on a problem occasionally and they are always there to help, a good saying would be, a friend in need is a friend in deed. 🙂

      Glad you found the review helpful, thank you for commenting,

      Wish you all the best,


  12. Hi Mark,
    This is great, It’s good to know out there there is a place where you can learn about this stuff. Also good to know that you are making a steady income with your business. I am also aiming for this, I will definitely try Wealthy affiliate! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Michele
      You can absolutely achieve the same goals! Go ahead and try WA out, it will definitely change your world, if you need any help I will just be around the corner. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting and I wish you all the best,


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