How to Overcome limiting beliefs Fast & Easy

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How to overcome Limiting Beliefs the Easiest Way

Hi everyone,

Today i want to talk about how to overcome limiting beliefs the easiest and fastest way, certain mindsets and thoughts have probably been implemented in your mind for a long time, some of it even when you were young, but there is a Strong, Powerful & Natural way to get past all off that.

I will discuss 3 points with you in this article –

  1. Overcoming limiting beliefs The most effective way
  2. Example of my own life
  3. Removing resistance that causes the concept of limiting belief in the first place
How to overcome limiting beliefs The Easy way
How to overcome limiting beliefs The Easy way

1.How to Overcome limiting beliefs

I have read many books and stories about how to overcome limiting beliefs using positive thinking, change your thoughts, having more self confidence and other blablabla stuff…

While this stuff is true, it is not the main source of your limiting beliefs, the main source of your limiting beliefs is your lack of Vision, what do i mean by that?

Very simple, Your Vision is the Source of your soul, dreams and goals, your direction in life, what is the one thing you will keep doing with your life forever? (I will give you an example of my own life shortly)

Your vision is not based on your wants and needs, it is based of the source of your soul, your greatest desire, Your wants and needs are merely side effects of your greatest desire, your vision is what really guides you through life, to know more about Vision check out my Article What is the ultimate key to success.


Your greatest Desire will lead you the way..

Your wants and needs are necessary to make your desires happen, but they always change, they are not permanent, your greatest souls desire however IS permanent, you can improve it, dream bigger, make it more grandeur, but its permanent, it is your greatest unending desire….

Once you realize this, then your question on how to overcome limiting beliefs becomes so much easier, because the one thing you will never EVER give up is your Greatest heart desire, this my friends, is your direction towards A great life

Concentrate on your vision in life and your wants and needs will fall into place, we will discuss more about this in the third topic, now i will give you and example from my own life to give you a better understand of what is being shared in this article.


2. My own lifes experience

Belief it or not, nearly 2 years ago i was working at the MacDonald’s and I’ve been working there since my college days, 5 years part time and 2 years Full time, It is normal for a student to have some form of a part time job next to his or her studies, but when you finish your courses you should be working in your field which you studied right?

How to overcome limiting beliefs The Easy way
How to overcome limiting beliefs The Easy way


Wrong! unfortunately that wasn’t the case for me, my major was aviation mechanics and there were no jobs back then, heck there weren’t even internships, can you imagine that? So things weren’t looking to bright for me back then,

But at the same time i studied and practiced martial arts for 7 years and even being a teacher for 2.5 years, i loved training, i loved learning new knowledge and wisdom every single day, heck i even studied it in my free time and of course still continue to study to this day.

However this nagging feeling started to chew on me, because the last 2 years i was BUSY every single day, working a full time job and teaching, i needed change, i needed space, i wanted to travel more, learn more and do more.


Time for Change

Luckily i was already saving money for 2 years because i knew before i started to work full time i wanted to go on a long adventure, so eventually i quite everything, said my goodbye’s and i went off to china to study more martial arts,

I also knew i needed money in the future to continue what i was doing, so i started my online job, heck i even taught English while i was there, which i must admit is quite a high paying job and i didn’t think i would become a teacher again, let alone an English teacher, however i needed the money until my online jobs became somewhat successful.

Which I’m happy to say is quite successful at this very moment, but what is the science behind my success, what has driven me to achieve all of this?

The idea didn’t even struck me until a short while ago, i have been through trail and error to come this far, but what kept me going? What has been the source of my success? It was my vision!

How to overcome limiting beliefs The Easy way
How to overcome limiting beliefs The Easy way


My Greatest desire led me this far, my greatest desire isn’t traveling or doing martial arts or earning money online, for sure they are nice perks, but they are my wants and needs,

my greatest desire, my souls desire is accumulating new Knowledge & Wisdom, becoming a greater human being, this is my greatest desire and a great part of my vision, The essence of my soul and realizing this brought me to a even greater understanding of myself.

You see this is the difference between your souls essence and your wants & needs, you need to know what makes your soul goes wild, achieving your wants and needs is all about releasing your resistance to them, a mind resistance.

One thing you all must know is, EVERYONE will go through tough times, everyone will receive resistance, sometimes stuff just happens whether we want them to or not, the only thing we can do is keep going,


Keep Going

Keep going despite all the resistance you get, keep going despite all the failures you may have, you learn & you grow and you move on, in fact one of my teachers once said, many failures will lead to success, why? Because you become even better, you grow and do things differently.

But it is your vision that fuels all your wants and needs that will make your souls desire a reality, you have the ability and potential to create the life of your dreams, a life of greatness is available for you and you can do this.

How do you overcome your personal barriers, how to overcome your limiting beliefs without fighting or struggling but in a more relaxed and comfortable manner, allow me to guide you the way a bit.


3.Releasing resistance

The key to all relaxation is releasing, letting go of thoughts that do not help your way in life, but how can you do that with so many things on your mind….?

How to overcome limiting beliefs The Easy way
How to overcome limiting beliefs The Easy way

Relationships, jobs, hobbies, money, free time etc…, all very nice wants and needs but how to achieve any one of them? *having a flashback*, I think some of us forget now and again that life is a awesome journey and get caught up with focusing on too many stuff at once, which can also be called the infamous word……. Stress.

Relax…. Concentrate on the one thing you want to do in this moment, as for relationships, don’t rush into anything, too many people end up in bad relationships because they just really wanted a partner being with them, first just be comfortable with just yourself and then you will find, that you will meet someone naturally, when you life your awesome life, you will find that your life will become even more awesome!

Let it all go

Jobs, money, free time hobbies, how to become more successful in all of that? Limiting beliefs in my eyes is a lack of knowledge and imagination, what makes me say that? Success is partly achieved through research and learning, i think some of you know what i mean when i say that i used to have a very heavy feeling in my head, feels something like a block doesn’t it?

The starting point of letting go of this feeling is releasing it through relaxing, focus on this feeling but don’t judge it, just feel it, let your thoughts go, breath in and with each breath out release the heaviness a bit more, don’t force it, just simply let it be. (the concept of dissipating all blocks)

Keep doing it, stare into the nothingness or close your eyes, feel the lightness coming from your relaxation and it is from this point on that your imagination will start working, new ideas will pop into your mind from nowhere, your sub-conscience mind will guide you, this is your doorway into creating a great life for yourself and possibly others if that is what you wish.

How to overcome limiting beliefs
How to overcome limiting beliefs


Releasing is the key towards clearing your mind, listen to your new ideas and insights, your next step will be to increase your knowledge, limiting beliefs exist partly because lack of knowledge, life will always require research and learning from your part.

Ask yourself the right questions, how can i get better relationships, how can i get more money or get the right job then think about it for a while or sometimes just keep your mind quiet for a while and an idea will pop up, act on it.

Relaxing > Releasing > Let go

Let go of the heaviness, release it and you will notice your life will start to improve naturally based on your new idea’s, everything comes from inside you, there is a wealth of knowledge inside and outside of you and every piece of the puzzle will slowly fall into place.

You have the potential, the ability and power to create yourself an amazing life, living anything less than it is an insult to your soul, don’t settle for less, there will always be difficulty, there will always be resistance, but if you follow your vision and your hearts desire, you will Overcome Everything.

If you guys want to do what i do, which is working from home, feel free to check out my article How to work home jobs – Begin for Free, it is definitely an amazing way earning money overtime from home next to a working job, it took me 8 months to start earning money and 10 months to start earning a decent income, which means i don’t need to work now.


Final Word

When i started this journey, i didn’t know how i was going to achieve things, where exactly i was going to go and what i was going to do, i really didn’t, stuff happened because i took action, i have a dream, an idea and despite the uncertainty, despite the doubt, i took action because i believed in my dreams.

I had my doubts, there were times when i really almost had nothing, times where i couldn’t eat, wondering if i even could eat in the next few days, but i never gave up, i didn’t go back to my home country to end up in another dead end 9 to 5 job.

How to overcome limiting beliefs The Easy way
How to overcome limiting beliefs The Easy way

Live Nothing less than a great life!

I absolute refused living anything less than a great life, some unlikely things happened that i really didn’t expect to happen, i became an English teacher, i started my own online business, but at the same time i enjoyed learning a wealth of knowledge from all of this, i absolutely LOVE it!

I have been in bad positions, but i never gave up on my greatest desire which is learning knowledge and wisdom and this is something i will do the rest of my life, become a better human being every single day, i am very happy with this achievement and I’m sure you can achieve the same.


Have a vision >>Imagine your souls greatest desire >> Take action on your wants and needs >>> And the success will happen.

I really hope this article about how to overcome limiting beliefs was helpful to you, any comments or feedback from you would be great or any other requests for articles you would like me to make, feel free to comment below or to e-mail me at

Take care everyone and of course i wish you all A life of Greatness,


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