The Keys and foundation to A Great Life

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How can you achieve A Great Life?

Hi everyone,

In this article i would like to share with you some insights i myself have learned through my years of training and in my travels, it is my desire and hope it can benefit your lives in whatever positive way possible, enjoy the reading. 🙂

How you live your life can only be defined by you, maybe when you grew up you were taught certain believes about life and im not talking about religion but rather perspectives from your family and your friends, people close to you who helped shape the person you are today, you can read more about this on my article How to overcome limiting beliefs.


remember one thing no matter who you are and where you come from, your life can change and it can definitely get better, Life is a great Adventure and there is so much beauty and amazement to it.

Enjoy a great life
Enjoy a great life

Life will always be a process in how you create your life, but what are the most fundamental principles that allow people to achieve great success, a happy and meaningful life, How do they do it and what is the science behind it?

i want to share a few points with you, as the picture above already tells a little bit, the direction of your life is probably the main foundation of all success.



Your direction in life or i’d rather call your vision of life, Your life, is everything, it is your foundation, who you are, what you stand for and where you are going is such an important life question only you can answer.

Enjoy a great life
Enjoy a great life

Your vision is not merely and mainly decided by your wants and needs, they are only temporary, No your vision is decided by your dreams and goals, follow your vision and the success will come,

the how will happen by you taking action, if there is something you so firmly desire, something so awesome you want it  to be a reality, you will Make it happen, leading a great life doesn’t just happen by mere chance, it happens by making proper choices, living your life outside your comfort zone, meeting many different kinds people that inspire you to make your life even better whether you are conscience of it or not.

your vision will lead you to a great life, an amazing life! believe in your dreams, stay focused on your goals and amazing things will happen, if you want to know more about using your vision in life and how i used it and still using it to lead a great and happy life, then feel free to read my article what is the ultimate key to success.



Believing you can succeed and to lead a great life is a vital part whether you will achieve your goals or not, always believe in yourself.


Enjoy a great life
Enjoy a great life

See your dreams and goals in front of you, imagine them, feel them, Desire them.

Honestly i didn’t understand this concept truly until last year, it was quite a difficult time for me and i was only thinking of the current moment, although i was still working towards my goals, i was still thinking about my wants and needs, not really realizing that working towards my goals was leading me to my True success.

For example financial freedom, i didn’t have it and i was always focused on being financially free, which is also important of course, but it wasn’t my true goal, it was a goal for sure, but not really my hearts desire, my desire was to live the life i wanted, Leading a life where i could research and explore life around the world, have amazing adventures, learning new knowledge and wisdom’s, that is what i truly desire,

Being financially free was merely a… side-effect of it all, a nice one for sure, but just a side-effect and realizing this i knew… i knew that every day i was working towards my dreams and goals, every day getting a step closer to success, no matter the hardships or what needed to be done, i just did it and i never quit, this my friends is called believing,

And it is this kind of belief and trust in yourself, in your dreams, in your goals that will make you succeed, even if nobody else does, there is just one person that needs to belief you can succeed and that person is YOU.



The Next important building block to success is Action.

Enjoy a great life
Enjoy a great life

You can imagine all you want but without action a dream will Remain a dream, working towards your dreams and goals will ultimately decide whether your dream will become a reality or just an imagination.

imagine > Belief > Achieve > Succeed > A Great Life

This is how you make things happen my friends, this is the science towards success, it’s as simple as that, you can do this, you have the Potential to do more in life, you can learn, you can grow and you will become a more amazing human being.

Take steps towards your dreams, towards a great life, towards your Awesome life, you have the potential in you, go for it my friend.



The strong feeling between what is right and wrong, are you making the right choices or the wrong ones? your intuition is your most powerful and trusted ally, listen to it more carefully.

Enjoy a great life
Enjoy a great life

Your gut feeling, we use it every day and yet don’t always listen to it, which can get us into trouble from time to time, there are probably a hundred things you can think of when you didn’t listen to your gut feeling, even i can think of a thousand things i did wrong, all because i didn’t listen to that one Nagging feeling….

Intuition is your souls GPS towards A Great Life, it helps you make the right choices, Keeps you safe, It’s always guiding you in your life, better yet, it guides you to your most burning desires, like your dreams and goals, your Vision, To your Success.

I use my intuition in my daily life, every day it leads me One little step closer to my dreams, To more you listen to your gut feeling, the Stronger it gets, its like a muscle, the more you train it, the more powerful it becomes and it will become your Greatest Ally.

Train your intuition, make it stronger and powerful and you will feel your burning desire becoming more and more a reality every single day, you will feel the success and you will feel it Very Strongly…



your friends are part of your path, how you setup your social circle is important, because having the right friends will guide you on your journey.


Enjoy a great life
Enjoy a great life

Having friendships who are just as like-minded as you are can be an amazing boost of additional assistance and an amazing source of inspiration,

you are in this journey together, you will never be alone, your friends will know you in your best of times but also in the darkest of times when everythings seem most grim to you, they help to uplift you, guide you, True friends will stand by your side no matter what happens.

you share your adventures together, dreams, goals and achieving a great life for yourselfs, helping others around you, those that are in need.

Friends can come in many different ways to you, longterm or shortterm, maybe while you’re travelling you will meet a very inspirational friend, someone who adds greatness to your own life, gives you awesome ideas or perhaps even lifts you to the next level in your life.

The point here is, dont be a loner, be a friend, see the amazement and beauty of the world, the potential of the people, the potential of being a team.



Feel you burning Desire to succeed, this will fuel your motivation and inspiration, this my friends will help prevent you from quitting, Desire your vision, Imagine it in front of you right now at this moment.

Enjoy a great life
Enjoy a great life


Keep your Vision in your mind, Fuel it with your Desire, take action on your new idea’s and objectives and you will see the results coming,

Don’t ever give up on your dreams, its really one of the most saddest things there is, i see it happen all the time, people give up because they think its to difficult or they just can see the end of the tunnel and don’t enjoy the journey of creating their success.

Living a great life isn’t just the end result, in fact it will never have an end result, life is and always will be a process of creating, making your dreams and goals a reality, Enjoy the process, keep going, focus on your vision, feel it being a reality right now.

You can live the life of your dreams, you have the potential make amazing things happen in your life, think about your vision in life, what is your greatest desire? Live a life of greatness, you deserve it, create it and Make it happen, be the creator of your life, You can do this, Believe in yourself and in your own abilities.



We all have the start somewhere, the key is just to Start….

Enjoy a great life
Enjoy a great life

Rome wasn’t build in a day, millionaires didnt just get rich by sitting down on their asses and just kept day dreaming, No, they had a vision, they took action, they started somewhere, they failed many times but never gave up, heck even i failed countless of times, but did that ever stop me from achieving my dreams and goals, nope never, you keep going.

Enjoy a great life
Enjoy a great life

Despite of all the resistance you may get, despite the failures and despite what others may think of you, Start somewhere, you will learn and you will probably fail the first time, what do you do? you learn more and you grow,  Take a good rest, eat some juicy strawberries and start again, you become even better, this is how it works, you will keep on learning and growing.

Some even say many failures are the road to success, why? because you gain a tremendous amount of personal knowledge and experience from failure, so you can even say failure = becoming successful, This is how you can achieve a great life, keep going and keep believing, amazing stuff is possible for you, but only you hold the true Key to success.


Guiding you in the right direction

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Enjoy a great life
Enjoy a great life

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I hop you guys liked this article The keys and foundation to a great life, if you have any request for a future article or would like to comment, then by all means pleas comment below or e-mail me privately at

I wish you all the best and of course A great life full of amazing success.




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