Starting a Online Business – How does It really Work?

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How to work Home jobs – Starting a Online Business.


How does it really work?

Starting a online business isn’t really that difficult, Keep working, keep going, be creative and you will find success!

Live, Breath, eat and work your way towards your dreams, This is how businesses become successful.

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Lets now continue on..

Some of you may recognize this picture below from one of my pages, a simplified version of how a business works.

Choose an interest>>>build a website (business)>>>Get Rankins  &  visitors>>>Earn Money  (continue reading)

Starting a online business


So how exactly will we be earning money from our business?

That’s simple…. Sell Stuff That People Want!

This is the core of every single successful business, most people will know what you sell will be real or not. Be real, be honest and be authentic, you can almost sell ANYTHING online these days.


A great way to have your own business nowadays is through affiliate marketing, what is affiliate marketing you may wonder, simply said its different from actually making and selling your own products,


Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s stuff without the headache of facing a customer face to face or doing any paperwork

instead you promote the products of another company or service by joining their affiliate program, getting a special affiliate link and setting that link up on your own website, when people click on that link it refers them to that product on the company’s website, if they do buy, you earn a commission.

This is how affiliate marketing works and the possibilities are limitless and the amount of businesses you can make in this way are also limitless.



Here is an example, First we have a interest and it can be anything, lets take for example a hobby, Maybe Baseball, lets say your hobby is baseball, could you make a business out of this? OFCOURSE you can!


lets say you want to sell baseball bats, there is your business, you build out a website specifically for baseball bats, with ofcourse some introduction to the sport baseball,

now what you need is an affiliate program that sells baseball bats, when you have one and added their intel to your webpage (which isn’t that difficult) and don’t worry everything here you can learn without too much difficulty.


after the intel is on your webpage, its time to get higher ranked into google, bring visitors to your website and every time they buy the baseball products from you, you earn a share in the profits also known as commissions, this is basically how you earn money with your business….



So.. What’s next…. we have our interest, but now we need a business that Ranks well, How does this work? Well the name for this is SEO, Search Engine Optimization,


And remember this word guys because its very important, without SEO, your website wont get ranked and you wont have any visitors to your website!


Keywords – content quality – visitor interaction – Money.

We will start with keywords, going to content quality, then visitor interaction and then the Money…..

Starting a online business isn’t really that difficult, but…..


You want your website to rank well in search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc.. but how do we accomplish this? Well the first thing we want to think of is the title of your webpage and I want you to remember an important word, that is…. KEYWORDS.


What are Keywords? Well simply said keywords are focus words that defines your website, page or post, google and other search engines focus on these keywords and they will help you rank your website, pages or posts, so let me give you an example of how a keyword should look like.


Lets focus on giving a name to our website, lets say we would name our website Baseball bats, would it be a good name? not really… and there are 2 main reasons for this 1 of them is competition and I will show an image later how it looks like..

The second reason is, its a little too broad… we want a title and keyword that’s already on a selling point.. Hmmm perhaps baseballs bats on sale? lets have a look….


The First image below is an example of a keyword search tool, the more competition you have the harder it will be to rank your website. to find the quality and competition of a keyword, we are going to use a keyword search tool, I will be using the one Wealthy affiliate has.



Starting a online business


Here we see our keyword search tool we have at WA, now lets type in the search bar baseball bats..

( what is WA? It is an amazing university and platform with all the tools and courses you need to create a business )

You will see different  words, like searches, traffic, soon the competition and PPC power (keyword strength).


Starting a online business


lets start with the first one –


Searches: quite obvious, the number of searches per month – which is in this case 6984.

Traffic: of those searches, the amount of people visiting your site – which is 1188.

Competition(QSR): the amount of competition the particular keyword has, which I will show in a moment.

PPC Power: this shows how strong your chosen keyword is, in this case 6.3, which is okay but not so strong, we always prefer aiming around the 8 or above it.


Now lets take a look at the competition


Starting a online business

As you can see the QSR results show that the keyword baseballs has a competition number of 340, meaning there are 340 other websites or pages with this name, this is far too much, so its not really good we want to keep this number as low as possible, preferably under the 300, under the 200 is even better.


So we want to look for a different keyword, one that is not crowded and also more useful to making sales within your business.

For example, if we have something like baseball bats for sale, this is amazing to use, why? because people are already in the purchasing stage, they are already looking for a baseball bat to buy, so ill take a quick look for this keyword.

So the results for – baseballs bats for sale – come out to a competition of 151, which is quite good, but I want to try to find another one, perhaps its even less crowded but still very good!

but first if you look back at the picture the searches will be 1220, which is lower and you might think HEY! but I want more people coming to my site!

Don’t worry, here’s the good news (and no bad news), because I have baseball bats in the key word baseball bats for sale, it will be automatically ranked with the search baseball bats, just with the advantage of less competition, So what did I say? only good news right. 🙂


But.. lets try another Keyword…


Starting a online business


I look at several more choices and decided to go for baseball bats on sale because the competition here is just 83, searches, 1220 and keyword power 8.9, PERFECT, exactly the same as the last keyword but with way less competition, which is GREAT.

So the keyword we have now is Baseball bats on sale,

What’s next?

Well we have our keyword, now we should write something about it!



Yes now we move on to writing content and o boy, google just loves Quality content, it really does!

What should content look like?

First of all don’t be afraid of writing something perfectly, let it be natural and of your own design, but it doesn’t mean we cant get ideas from other websites. 😉


Does this mean we should copy all content from other websites? ofcourse not! our content should be of our own making, google LOVES quality content and this goes for all the other search engines,

if its all copied then you wont get ranked and more likely blacklisted for stealing someone else’s work, so for getting idea’s its totally okay to look at other websites, but always be REAL and let it be quality content so your website and pages will rank.



Starting a online business


Write your content naturally, don’t think to much about making it perfect, be yourself and be unique, enjoy the process of creating your business, your own personal success, something YOU can be proud of.

(also important put the chosen keyword several times in your page or post, so it will be easier recognized what your post is about)


In time you will make it better and better, you will have new idea’s, fresh inspiration and at times maybe you will also feel demotivated, tired, out of idea’s, but that’s totally okay, we can all feel like this sometimes, its normal, most important thing is don’t EVER give up, NEVER! and your road to success is guaranteed.


What Tools can we use to create a website?

Although I have been talking about how starting a online business works, you may have been wondering what tools we could use for building an actual website, for example, I’m using WordPress to write the content I am writing right now, its simple, easy to use and has many possibilities, there are countless things you can do with WordPress!  


But you also need a domain, if you haven’t seen my post yet and want to learn extensively more about creating an online business, a service that provides all the tools, the means and a community to help you succeed online, a place where you can start for free then check out Starting a online businessBegin your online adventure for Free.


You need a domain to host your website(s), luckily I found a domain where you can build your websites for free, but eventually you may want to consider having your own domain, because it is 100% your own property, however its totally okay to start for free in the beginning, check out SiteRubix (


Start out for free is definitely okay, but with your own domain, its not only your property, it is also better for rankings, like I also have my own domain Alifeofgreatness, Its my property, My own, my…. Precious……


Rankings & Visitors

How can we get our website ranked, we have keywords, we have our business and content, how do we get indexed in google and how do we get visitors to our website? Lets start with google finding our website much easier and faster.


To get our website faster indexed and found, we can use different tools, like google analytics and google webmaster tools, sharing on google plus, same goes for yahoo and Bing webmaster tools, by adding our website to those features, it will be faster indexed

Also google analytics records your site records, meaning it checks out how many visitors you get to your website, where they come from and much more! very handy!


As for visitors, a more obvious approach would be sharing your website on social media ,your friends and family, or in my case At WA we have an entire community helping each other out!


Earning money

With hard work, your own creativity and uniqueness, comes great reward! having your own long term business Is probably one of the most rewarding ways to earn a passive income,


having started your website, your first keywords, your content, then getting ranked & having visitors to your website you will slowly see your business grow and flourish, seeing your first sale and than seeing the many more sales that followed,


In truth starting a online business really does require only four simple steps!

Choosing an interest>>>building out your website>>>getting rankings & visitors>>>Earning Money.

with some details that needs to be done ofcourse, but other than that, with hard work and dedication you will be successful, you can do this and you don’t have to be alone!


You don’t need to be alone! Stand Together.

You don’t need be alone in your journey towards online success and you may have been wondering where you can find all the proper tools for starting a online business, Join Wealthy Affiliate, better yet join it for free!


They are the only ones with a FREE membership, once again check out this post about them starting a online business – Begin your online adventure for Free, They have all the tools, the training and services you need, an all in one package and they are one of the best in the this field.


Starting a online business
Successfully Starting a online business with WA


With an entire community to back you up and with members with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience, your journey towards success can be even more of a reality! Try it out.


Final Word

No matter what you use or which direction you decide to take, if you put your mind on something and stick to it, you will succeed, follow your dreams, stay focused, keep working hard and don’t you ever give up, never give up even if things seem extremely grim at times.


Only you are the real solution to success, the rest is just tools and methods, be positive, take failure as a catapult towards success, we all fail, heck even the must successful people failed, most businesses started with their down moments, but most importantly they NEVER gave up!


And that’s how they became successful and that’s how you also CAN become successful!


I hope you found this post about starting a online business helpful And wish you good fortune in your journey towards online success, if you need any help feel free to ask me anything, anytime and I will do my best to give you a proper answer.


Feel free to comment below or to email me privately at


Wish you all the best in life, a life of greatness. 🙂



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  1. That’s a great primer on how to get started in an online business. You’ve summed it up pretty well.
    And Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect place to get started.
    You’ll get plenty of great training, and heaps of support.
    Easy as just following the steps.
    I’ve tried a bunch of other affiliate marketing systems (even the ones that cost thousands of dollars) and they don’t hold a candle to Wealthy Affiliate.
    Even seasoned veteran marketers can benefit from the WA training.

    1. Well said Simon, I myself tried some other programs, and I totally agree, nothing compares to the all in one package Wealthy affiliate has, whether for experienced marketers or total beginners, the courses and tools are amazing.

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