Teach English Abroad – If you can speak English then you can teach it!

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Teach English Abroad – Start an amazing new journey by teaching students across the world.

(other subjects including like science, economics, business or maybe even work in your specialized field!)

China… A country far away, with it’s beautiful landscape and amazing scenery, it’s one of the most popular countries that travelers go to and quite a bit of them end up working there (including me), although the information from the news isn’t always that quite positive about china’s position in the world, life inside china is actually quite different, it’s actually quite amazing and a great place to live and work.

(on this page we will be discussing English teaching jobs in china)


Teach English Abroad!
Teach English Abroad!

Being an English teacher in china doesn’t just provide a big opportunity for traveling and sightseeing, but also a huge opportunity to make good money and a great amount of benefits that come with it, like free apartment, paid air ticket, food, receiving training. (don’t worry if you haven’t taught a single class in your entire life, there are plenty of schools who will provide you with opportunity to gain experience, also called earn while you learn!)


Teach English abroad – Salary and cost of living

Depending which city you live in the salary can vary from 10.000 to 15.000 RMB (1500 to 2200 USD) from the smaller to mid sized cities.

15.000  to 20.000+ ( 2200 to 3000+ USD) from the middle sized cities like Chengdu, Guangzhou.

and 15.00 to 30.000+ (2200 to 4500+ USD)  from the mid sized to the bigger cities like Beijing, Shanghai.

The living costs for a full time English teacher is quite low, in the lower tier cities i usually spend around 1500 to 2000 RMB and save the rest for whatever endeavor i decide to do in the future, in the bigger cities however the expenses are a little more expensive, but then again the salary is way higher, the spending habits, if you keep a reasonably low costs living, can vary from 2000 to 3000 RMB.

This is if you spend your money on food and occasionally going to the bar or something like that,

I do know some people, usually younger folks who would spend nearly all their money on going out and having fun, well that’s totally up to you what you want to do, it’s your money and enjoying your life is just as important.. 😉


with most schools the benefits will be:

  • Free apartment or housing allowance
  • Great salary
  • Work visa
  • Free English training course or the TEFL course
  • paid national holidays + (usually) 10 to 20 days paid vacation of your own choosing
  • Promotion opportunities and bonuses
  • contract bonus
  • performance bonus
  • extra bonuses
  • paid air ticket fee
  • Airport pickup
  • free Chinese lessons


Teaching English as a foreign language isn’t really that difficult, however if you have never done it before, it does take some time getting use to the new position, everyone can be a bit nervous while standing in front a of the first class, even the most experienced teachers, heck i know i was!

The best part of this journey is the amazing experience you will go through, The people in china are very nice, i know politically most countries do not get along very well, but most citizens do get along very well, including the ones in china, the security is very high, you will be completely safe from harm (unless it’s self inflicted….).

If you are ever in need of some help, most people will be more than happy to give you whatever assistance you need, the food is delicious, most cities in china will have both Chinese and Western food for you to enjoy, traveling is amazing, the clubs and bars are great and the girls of course are very beautiful (for the guys among us, He he!).

Foreigners are well-liked in China, the girls like foreigners a lot whether it’s friendship or more….

same goes for the guys liking foreigner girls, although it’s not often that the feeling is mutual… Reason : Unknown… But whatever the situation, there is always room for a lot of fun and activities to enjoy, there are so many amazing friendships that can be made, lasting friendships that are worth keeping for a life time.

but let’s get back to the point, lets move on to the job offers shall we? 😛


Teach English abroad – Time for work and (most importantly) pleasure!

Teach English Abroad!
Teach English Abroad!

A lot of the schools require certain qualifications to teach in china, the main two are to be a native speaker or a non- native speaker with a college degree, however for a lot of other schools this is not the case, as English teachers are highly wanted and the pay is high.


TEFL Certificate

A TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) certificate is also preferred and sometimes a requirement in most schools, fortunately most schools are willing to pay for it, you can go for an online certificate, which is the most convenient option for many future teachers and honestly the sooner you do it, the better,

Why is a TEFL certificate so beneficial? it provides you with a wealth of knowledge of teaching experience, learning methods and study materials, accumulating most necessary knowledge you need to know about teaching English.


Job Offers


Teaching English at Rockies (Earn CNY 20000 if you start early September!)

(different subjects are also possible, like economics,

business, science etc..)

Due to the fast business growth in China, we are looking to hire native-speakers / non-native of English to work with us in China as a kinder-garden English teacher.

We are not an agent or intermediary, and the locations that we recruit for are either directly owned or partnered schools that use the Rockies designated curriculum. We have recruited more than 1000 teachers in the last 15 years.

For graduated students, don’t worry about teaching experience if you have none, you will be gaining some amazing experience with us!

For now we have 30 vacancies in 25 cities (for 2017) for you to choose and 80 more vacancies for 2018.

Regular Salary range: CNY12000-20000+/ per month.

(CNY20000+ for sure if you can start in September!!!) (native speaker) (over 3000 USD)

(CNY14000-17000+ if you can start in September) (non-native speakers ) (over 2100 USD)

  Rockies provide for all teachers: 
1.We have solid curriculum that is specifically written by Canadian specialists.
2.We will arrange free Beginner level Chinese language lessons for the teacher to consist of not less than two (2) hours per week + teacher  training.
3. We provide free Non-shared apartment with sample furniture.
4. Accident/medical insurance (group)
5. Work visa (Z visa)
6. We provide appropriate assistance such as Visa application/ airport pickup and paid flight tickets etc.

Minimum teacher qualifications: 
1. Native English speakers preferred but some locations allow non-native speakers as teachers
2. Age between 20-60 years old in good health. 
3. Bachelor’s degree or above preferred
4. TEFL/TESOL certificate preferred or can be provided for you
5. Responsible, motivated and have a positive attitude 

If you are interested, then by all means mail your CV and it will be my pleasure to hear from you

e-mail: mark@alifeofgreatness.com

Facebook: Mark el Kajjal

Whats app: +8618482277092

or on Wechat: Mark el Kajjal.

More jobs coming very soon!



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