Ways to avoid work from home scams online – Avoid them Easy & Enjoy better ways for making money.

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Ways to avoid work from home scams online – avoiding scams online

The Quest for making money online has only been growing over the past several years, there are very good and legit ways for making money online, but unfortunately there are also people who abuse the system of internet marketing, not being honest about their services or products, or using upsells as a way to buy more and more of their services,

this is really sad, because it’s making people wondering if there is really any honest system out there that can help them earn money online, there are some very good and decent platforms out there that do provide these services, but lets talk about avoiding scams first before we go any further.

Ways to avoid work from home scams online
Ways to avoid work from home scams online

When we talk about scams, we are talking about paying for services that are definitely not worth our money, not what was promised or keep buying into new services, webinars or other useless crap, example: learn everything about internet marketing in this webinar, you do the webinar, then you learn there is another webinar you need to pay for to get more information, then another and then another and so on, the service was not provided as it was promised to you, which was learn everything you need about internet marketing in this webinar(the first one),


They kept up selling without any sort of real effort to help you make money online, they help themselves to make money online, from you, it is simply wrong, is it wrong to ask money for a *quality* service? no it’s not wrong, but as long as it provides the quality content and the tools what was promised to help you in your quest for whatever business venture you want to achieve,


Always do some research before you buy into anything, check the positive reviews, what people are saying about the service or system you are interested at, safety first at all times, of course if some things are truly for free, then by all means go for it, try it out, no harm with doing free stuff right?
Ways to avoid work from home scams online – recognizing scams

There are several ways to recognize a scam, one of the ways i always see a scam is through looks, if it looks fishy, it probably is fishy, no real content about it’s service and no free trail or free membership with it either, the best way to know if a service is legit is whether you are able to try it out or not without paying anything for it, it is more than fair.

Ways to avoid work from home scams online
Ways to avoid work from home scams online

It doesn’t mean that all services that don’t have a free trail are a scam, definitely not, but if a system has such faith in their program that it can truly help people become more successful and it works, why not have at least a free trail or membership right? people can truly enjoy the program & try it out whether it really works + the program gets more members into it’s system, everybody wins…


That was truly one of the most frustrating things for me, knowing or not if an online marketing program was the real deal or just another money grabber, but honestly I’m getting ahead of myself here, lets go further with recognizing more points to identify how most scams operate.


Some main points to watch for:

  • buying into more training – usually the training package will be sold very cheap, commonly around $10, or even below that, after the initial training, you will be immediately up sold on extra and more training or webinars, this often leaves the consumer feeling that they didn’t finish or complete the training, so they need to buy more.
  • Private support, 1 on 1 coaching & mentoring – This is usually also one of the most biggest up sells, paying great sums of money for so called private mentoring, but still most of the times costumers end up without of any help or useful information to help them make money online and the vicious circle just keeps going round & round…
  • Getting Rich quickly – everybody wants to make money, some people are really desperate for it, however don’t fall into these schemes, nobody can get rich quickly, if you think about this, if one can really make $15,000 a month, starting within a matter of days & without any work or effort, everybody would be doing it right?
  • Having all your problems solved – i know it sounds tempting, but this is a lie, if somehow you encounter a program that can make all your problems magically disappear, they are deceiving you, scammers are great writers, they know how to attract the right victims, don’t be one of them, whatever you are going through right now, you can handle it, there are truly great ways for making money online, honest and legit ways, but they always take a little more time.
  • Understand what the program has to offer – Usually some of these programs are filled promises and hype, but not actual information on what you will be learning or what training and content they provide, if at the end, you still don’t have a clue on how you will be making money, just leave, don’t continue to waste your time.
  • Does it have training and/or support – look carefully if the program you are interested in has any actual training or suport system to provide you with the means to making money online, creating online business isn’t magic, it requires some work, effort & quite a bit of your time, scammers aren’t bothered to help you out at all.
  • Join right now or lose your only chance – I guess this one sound familiar right? Many online marketing schemes use this trick to lure people into their system, don’t fall for these tricks, any program will be good today, tomorrow or next year, join whenever you want.


These are the main points to watch for, some others would include, their refund policy, do they provide a full refund if you are not satisfied or if it simply doesn’t work? what do others say about this program, look for an e-mail address, phone number on the main site or even a physical address location, look for some form of contact.


Making a living online is definitely a reality, you just need to sort the good from the bad, i myself experienced the same problem, i tried some decent programs that actually taught some good training, but there was one that stood out above the rest, some programs just provided training or websites or tools etc…. , this was quite annoying, because i had to spend my money on so many different features, but now i`m working with a program that has absolute everything in one system.



Ways to avoid work from home scams online – Earning money the right way to go

Making money online always requires time & effort, it doesn’t take years to start earning money, but it doesn’t take days either, you can with the proper, tools & features create your own online business, with your own websites and everything you need to be successful online.

Ways to avoid work from home scams online
Ways to avoid work from home scams online

Within a matter of a few months you can start earning money online, why a few months? because it takes at least 3 months for google to give some respect the a newly created website, but within those 3 months, you will be able to learn with amazing training how to create your own business step by step, how to make content, how to create a website, how to get ranked within the search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing etc..


WA University has taught me absolute everything i needed to know about the online marketing industry, in fact compared to the other systems i used, their entire system has been made simplified & easy to use, they are an all in one platform, with all the training, tools, features, & websites you need, better yet they have a free membership which you can start absolutely for free with training, tools, websites and more, it’s really great.


Everything is of the highest quality, they make a lot of their features themselves, which means the stuff they provide is none-existent on the internet, the community there is also fantastic, there are literally thousands and thousands of active members, always helpful & supportive when you need it.



Ways to avoid work from home scams online – what can you expect?

Only the best service, as a true service would say, Without our costumers, we wouldn’t exist, this is exactly their approach, better yet you can expect loyalty and dedication, WA does whatever it can to help you succeed, The moment you join, it will be as someone will be holding your hand the entire way.


With a free membership you can start your online success without a though of worry in the world, this is a program that believes in it’s own system & the services that it offers and to be honest, it is more than fair to get to know a program better before buying anything from it right?


Ways to avoid work from home scams online
Ways to avoid work from home scams online


Marketing Chief, Co-founder
Approach To Marketing

“You cannot make people love a service, you have to create a service that people love.”

With a true passion for helping people, Kyle is one of the co- founders of Wealthy Affiliate. When he isn’t coming up with outlandish ideas or helping folks within the community, you will find him working on many of the training platforms/courses within Wealthy Affiliate.


Kyle is one of the owners of WA, together with Carson the technical genius they have created (in my opinion) the most successful and effective internet marketing program you will ever find online, they are both always helpful and very interactive with the community, there is not need to pay any extra money for their support or private mentoring,


You will never be alone or be feel abandoned, there is a massive helpful & positive community you can interact with, we help each other achieving great success online, in fact they can be a great source of visitors to your website too! the possibilities are really limitless, if you want to see some testimonials when you are finished reading, check them out on this article for member reviews.



Ways to avoid work from home scams online – what else will you get?

A heck of a lot, in fact all the training and features they offer can be a little overwhelming when you join for the first time, but it gets more fun once you get started, it truly is a step by step process from A to Z.

Ways to avoid work from home scams online
Ways to avoid work from home scams online

You will truly see your own online business grow from nothing to an amazing creation of your own design, WA was created with over 15 years of experience and has been around the internet for more then 10 years!

This is what you get:

  • Free membership & training.
  • Free amazing websites.
  • Amazing Tools & features.
  • A massive community to help you out whenever you need it.
  • Private support from the owners or anyone else within WA. (without paying anything extra for it)
  • Premium membership with more amazing training, tools & features for you to work from.
  • And a lot more cool stuff.


The premium membership is also amazing, it upgrades the free membership with more awesome training, tools & features , it isn’t expensive either.

Premium membership monthly: first month $19,- and then $49,-.

Premium membership yearly: first month $19,- and then $359,- ( A big 40% discount).

Free membership: $0,- and continue on indefinitely.


This is it folks, the entire pricing, nothing more extra to pay, no hidden fees or payments either, they are upfront in everything they offer, i`m a premium member myself and i enjoy their services every single day, making money online is a process, better yet it’s an adventure, a fun and exciting online adventure!


Now for the next part, what will you learn:

  • You will learn internet marketing & affiliate marketing truly at its best.
  • How to create you own website.
  • How to get ranked into google and the other search engines.
  • learning how to create quality content.
  • How to attract visitors.
  • How to interact with your visitors.
  • Creating your own successful business.
  • Using the right keywords.
  • What the required steps are for a business to thrive.
  • And so much more amazing stuff!


There is a lot of stuff you will learn, cool stuff, one thing is certain, WA is the real deal, they have the right tools & training you need to create an online business, if you are willing to put in the work & effort then you will be in a very good position a few months from now and in a year a even better position.


In fact check out one of WA’s amazing success stories who followed the training to the letter and achieved his first income in 3 months! whenever I’m in need of some inspiration, i always check out his story to remind myself that work and effort leads to success! (check it out here)



Ways to avoid work from home scams online – Contact details

Ways to avoid work from home scams online
Ways to avoid work from home scams online


Where to go from here? well that’s all up to you, my verdict is WA works, i also told you how you can avoid almost all scams online, so it’s up to you to try the right stuff, in my honest opinion, of all the programs i tried before, nothing compares to this one or i myself and the thousands of other members wouldn’t be using it right now, like i said before WA has been around for more then 10 years!


If you are interested in this service, then join wealthy Affiliate today for free, everything is possible.


Contact Details.


Address:                                                     E-mail                                             My e-mail

701 Lee Road Suite 300 ATTN               kyle@wealthyaffiliate.com               mark@alifeofgreatness.com

Chesterbrook, PA 19087



For a little more details check out our contact page.


I wish you tremendous success in your online endeavors, if you have any more questions or would just like to comment, feel absolutely free to do so in the comment section below and i will get back at you as soon as i can.

All the best,



6 thoughts on “Ways to avoid work from home scams online – Avoid them Easy & Enjoy better ways for making money.

  1. These scammer must have done their homework because it seems like they get their act together with all of that professional looking information just to get poor souls to buy into their lies. But it is good to know that website like yours are exposing these scammers and putting them out of business. Your options look far more realistic then some get rich quick scheme as well, ill give it a shot.

    1. Hi Norman,

      Scammers are definitely very good copy writers, they know their victims well and especially people who are desperate for money fall into these schemes, it’s really sad, but if you are able to identify them by targeting the main points i described in the article, then you can avoid them all together, thank you for commenting,

      Wish you all the best,


  2. With so many scams floating around the web in this day and age, it’s hard to avoid getting caught up in the net. More and more people are certainly looking for ways to “escape the rat race”, so online “scammers” see this as an easy opportunity to cash in off newbies. I do agree with you that it is sad, because folks expect to the internet to be a safe place where they can start up online businesses without getting conned. It just shows us how many unethical people are out there who have never done a hard day’s work in their life, no doubt.

    I appreciate the points you’ve highlighted here, and I also especially HATE upsells because they are just unnecessary. The main purpose of upsells is to benefit the “GURUS” who create them. Newbies end up out of pocket and in the minus figures before they even start a business. It’s just wrong!

    I’m thankful for your recommendation of the Wealthy Affiliate University. It just proves there are some honest and decent marketers out there who put others success first rather than their own.


    1. Well said Neil, i couldn’t agree more,
      The internet should be a safe place for people to perform whatever action they wish from it,
      but i guess even scammers might be just desperate people looking for easy ways to make money, unfortunately they do this by scamming other honest people online, this in turn gives the internet marketing indsutry somewhat of a bad name, because there are really good and decent programs out there that can help ordinary folks from all walks of life to succeed online, of tried some of them and i truly believe that Wealthy affiliate is simply the be find best of them all… (unless i find another system that proves otherwise…)

      Thank you for commenting and i wish you tremendous success in your online adventure,

      All the best,


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