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Wealthy affiliate program Reviews – wealthy affiliate experiences

Hi everyone,

In this article i would like everyone to share their experiences with WA through the comment section, i will start with my own first, what i’ve learned, experienced & achieved working with WA, the goal of this is to share if this program truly works and you will know what you will be signing up for.


Note: You may be looking for the content & features WA is providing, you can find this in the article Wealthy Affiliate review or check out the full introduction, this section is purely for member testimonials.

Lets Continue.

Wealthy affiliate program Reviews
Wealthy affiliate program Reviews

I joined wealthy affiliate in the beginning of february 2016, i have been looking for ways to make money online before that time, tried several programs before, but i was still nearly a complete beginner, the programs i tried were either too expensive or too complicated for me to understand, usually a combination of both….


My desire was to look for real, honest and good ways to make money online, i didn’t have any prior training or education about internet marketing, making websites, let alone having my own business, at some point i started thinking maybe this is just all too complicated for me and it was at that time i found wealthy affiliate,


I totaly liked that i could start completely for free, i did the free training & most of the tools & features that were available, i didn’t need to sign up a bank or credit card and i wasn’t hassled with upsells or hassled with buying stuff, this i really liked and for me as a beginner, the content was (and still is) great, i actually started to learn something, everything was so simplified.



Wealthy affiliate program Reviews – going through the training & education.

As i went through my free membership i created my very own first free website, i learned about internet & affiliate marketing, how to use keywords to get better ranked into the search engines, but more importantly how to make quality content that allows my businesses to thrive.

Wealthy affiliate program Reviews
Wealthy affiliate program Reviews

Eventually i finished my free membership, i started my online success for free, the training & tools were definitely of the highest quality, they were honest and upfront about everything, the community & the owners Kyle & carson were very helpful & supportive about every question or issue i faced, they kept their word, they spoke the truth about all their services and i felt absolutely satisfied, so i decided to take the step on becoming a premium member,


When i entered the premium membership i felt a little overwhelmed by all the training & features that were available, but going through the training i was guided & introduced step by step to all the new tools & features, it was really was all so simplified, i continued to work on my business, finish my website & started to have visitors visiting my websites,


I truly enjoyed creating my business, seeing it grow, having more articles & content, it was truly starting to take shape and within a matter of months i started to make my first bits of money from it and another 2 months later an actual income, it’s my first business i made through WA and im quite proud of my website alifeofgreatness.com, this was my first website (which im planning to update again very soon, i have a few great idea’s coming up) and more followed afterwards.



Wealthy affiliate program Reviews – My Overal experience.

I truly loved learning & working with WA together and i still love it this very day, there is still so much to learn and WA has many countless of seminars & more training available which are all for free in the premium membership and i learn a great deal more from it.

Wealthy affiliate program Reviews
Wealthy affiliate program Reviews

Another important fact is the community at WA, it’s filled with thousands & thousands of members from all walks of life, they are all amazing people, support is absolutely always there when i needed it, we help each other to become more successful with our online businesses,

Read one of WA’s most inspirational success stories, he followed the training to the letter and he started earning within 3 months!!


The technical & support team at WA is amazing, always responsive & always helped me out whenever i faced an issue, of course there were some issues that were more difficult to solve than others, but there was always a happy end, The owners Kyle & Carson are equally as supportive, always responsive within 24 hours & very helpful.


I was a very happy member when i joined WA and i continue to be a very happy member to this day, every day i work on my online businesses, making it better, more active & more successful, i can definitely recommend wealthy affiliate to anyone who wants to make money online, WA is the real deal!

Wealthy affiliate program Reviews
Wealthy affiliate program Reviews

To WA Members:

Pleas comment below & share your experience about wealthy affiliate,

how long you have been a member, what have you learned and what success have you achieved?

Share your story, the more, the better!


Any questions or comments? feel absolutely free to leave them below in the comment section, check out our contact page or e-mail me private at mark@alifeofgreatness.com

I wish you all the best & tremendous success in your online adventures,



20 thoughts on “Wealthy affiliate program Reviews – Member Reviews

  1. Hi Mark,

    I have been a member for two months now, and I totally agree with what you wrote. In these two months, I learned a lot, but there is still a lot to learn, but that will be no problem because the community is great. I am making progress on my own website now, so im already making good steps towards my own business. Greetings,


    1. Hi Jan,

      Thanks for your review, keep up the good work and your busines will be up and running in no time!

      Wish you all the best,


  2. Hi Mark,

    I have been a part of wealthy affiliate for a few months now. When I first started I was excited that I was able to start with my very own website for free! I knew that if I were to find the right community to work for me it would actually be Wealthy Affiliate.

    Once I was inside it was easy to see that everyone was willing to help in every day possible. Even to the extent of sharing what you could do to improve your website.

    I have personally enjoyed my experience here and I know that my experience will not end here, The content is always updateing & growing and you can always come into the site and get more insight.

    1. Hi William,

      Thanks for your feedback, i appreciate it a lot, I’m happy your time at WA i going so well, keep up the good work and let me know if you need anything, im always happy to help out,


  3. Hi Mark,

    You are on spot with your review. It’s my second time at WA (I didn’t gave it much time in the first try) and I’m super excited about building an online business. WA simplifies all the learning process and highlights the most important aspects of the path. THanks for giving us this space to share our experiences.

    1. Hi Nico,

      You’re welcome & welcome back! Thank you for your feedback, it’s very helpful! enjoy the journey my friend and you will see your business grow in no time!

      All the best,


  4. Wealthy affiliate is simply the best. I have been a part of this community for a while and have realized that the training that they are offering here really works and can really help you in the online world.
    When I first came here, I did not know anything about website building and all of that good stuff, but thanks to the training that I got here I am well on my way.

    I will tell anyone who wants online success to become a part of this community that is making such a big difference in the lives of so many. Thanks for allowing me to share, your post is awesome and well detailed

    1. Hi Norman,

      I really appreciate the feed back, thanks for sharing your story and your positive words,

      all the best,


  5. I have been a member for 2 months now and it’s been the most rewarding 2 months of my being online, well not in terms of cash earned (I’m getting there) but in terms of knowledge gained. WA has me wired in a whole new way concerning how to make money online and how it can be achieved.
    I wrote a review on my website also about WA and what benefits they offer to whoever is looking to make money online focusing on their area of strength. No program that I know of offers anything close to what WA has to offer.

    1. Hi Michael and thank you for your feed back,

      Keep up the good work on your website and you will be making money soon, keep making posts and articles, the more, the better, it will attract more visitors & improves your rankings as a quality & website, the search engines like it.

      All the best my friend,


  6. You are very correct. Wealthy Affiliate is a great community for everyone to LEARN. In my case, I wish I had found out about WA earlier, but still glad I did find WA. I have only been a member for less than two months, but my experience within the community thus far has been amazing, everyone is super friendly, and everyone possesses a different level of expertise.

    1. Hi Deep,

      I understand Exactly how you feel, almost everyone thats finds WA (including me) wished that they have found it earlier, because it truly works and it’s so simplified that anyone can do it, you know what they say right, it’s never to late to start… 😉

      Thank you for your comment and feedback, i appreciate it,

      Wish you all the best,


  7. Hi Mark,
    I was looking for a way to get into affiliate marketing. I looked around the net and read reviews for various programs. At first, I thought Wealthy Affiliate was a scam because there were lots of review sites praising it. After I joined for the free trial, I could see why.

    Not only is it not a scam, but thanks to the training I have my own website with 19 posts on it (I started my website May 11, 2017). I have learned so much about WordPress, SEO, niches and I am writing, something that I have always wanted to do but could never figure out how to get started at.

    And one of my posts is on page 2 of Google! That is how I know that I am doing the right thing for me. WA is helping me make my dreams come alive!

    1. Thanks Irma for your amazing story,

      I actually had the same thoughs as you did when i was looking for wealthy affiliate reviews, i had a hard time finding any negative reviews at all, I guess it’s a little strange too, my mind was totally fixed on finding a negative review, but when i just joined the free membership the entire system just proved it’s honesty to me and everything is true what they offer, i love using WA to this very day and will continue to do so for a long time! thank you for your feedback, i really appreciate it!

      All the best to you and your online adventures,


  8. Hi Mark, great review. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 4 months now and I must say that I have learned a lot and it has helped me tremendously in creating my online business. After taking all the lessons in both Niche training and WA Bootcamp training, plus watching Live Lessons by Jay and reading and commenting on other members’ trainings, I have confidently built 4 websites now. I am still a learning as I go along but the foundation WA gave me is fantastic. Thanks for this brother. Good luck in this online endeavor. May we all be successfull =)

    1. Thank you so much for your story JR,

      I’m happy to hear you are doing this well, with already 4 websites in 4 months, that’s just amazing, keep up the good work my friend and once again thank you for your review!

      Wish you all the best,


  9. Hi, Mark!

    I first joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2013, but I didn’t get started until late 2014 because I had so much going on and didn’t really take online success seriously.

    But now, I’m earning a part-time income from various affiliate programs – Amazon, Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy, and ClickFunnels. There will be other added in the future. My income isn’t quite full-time yet because I’ve steadily been plodding along with my online business during my spare time. But $300 per month is a nice little income, wouldn’t you say so?

    However, now I’m beginning to put more work into my blog so I can reach that $1,000 per month mark and also qualify for that WA Las Vegas Super Affiliate conference in 2018.

    For newbies who are sitting on the fence with WA, if you don’t give it a try and put in the work, you will be missing out on an opportunity to accomplish your goals. Wealthy Affiliate definitely works!


    1. Thanks Neil for your Awesome review & story,

      You definitely made a nice extra for yourself and im sure by keeping up the good work you will earn a good income in no time!,

      Wish you tremendous success in your online adventures and thanks again for your story!

      All the best,


  10. I recently started with WA and am so happy that I made that move! I am too aiming for the Las Vegas trip in 2018, yet the beat reward would be mastering the skill of internet marketing. I know once people complete the first course with WA, they will be amazed and want more! Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. Thanks for sharing and im sure you will make the las vegas reward, i’m also aiming for it!

      Wish you well on your journey towards tremendous success!


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