What are the benefits of working from home?

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Working from home benefits –


1 – Personal Freedom

Every day I would go to Work to the same old 9 to 5 day to day job, I took little pleasure from it, waking up and then eating my breakfast my thoughts would go like..

benefits of working from home
benefits of working from home










FREEDOM!! Yes and it’s no big secret that almost everyone has thought about the very same thing, In my honest opinion personal freedom is something that is extremely important, freedom to be ourselves and express ourselves, life is always changing and we human beings are always changing,

The world has changed, we now have access to knowledge and places that we didn’t have a hundred years ago or even fifty years ago, we can do a lot more with our lives and so many people can feel this, we have access to the internet, which in turn gives us access to the world, what we want to do and where we want to go.

working for yourself is the best freedom there is, you are your own boss and you can do what you want, work when you want, take holidays when you want, becoming a more independent and successful human being to a more personal and deeper level. You can definitely do this, I did this and many more people around the world are doing this right now.


2 – A greater Healthy & Spiritual life

Health and spirituality are on the top of my life, I practice martial arts, live and eat well, help people when I can and keep the people who benefit my life in so many ways close to me.

benefits of working from home
benefits of working from home









Prosperity, Health & Success are all tied together, one thing will lead to another, working for yourself will lead to a stress free and a way more relaxed life,

Success is something only You can define for yourself, what makes you happy, what makes your life feel more meaningful, what makes you feel amazing? these are the important questions you have to answer for yourself, feel free to read more about this in my article The key towards a Great & Happy life.

By being your own boss, you are giving yourself the opportunity to become a more successful and happy human being and you deserve it, better yet at the same time whether you will realize it or not you will help lift other people lives higher as well and honestly that is probably the best part of all of this, you are Helping other people!


 3 – Education & Self-development

benefits of working from home
benefits of working from home

One of the best benefits of working from home is you will develop and educate yourself in stuff that you are truly interested in and even things you didn’t even knew you were interested in, it’s so awesome!

You will develop new skills, learn new knowledge, acquire new talents and increase your potential to an unknown never ending level, this alone makes working from home the best job ever, besides having a good amount of money as a awesome side effect of course…..

The more you know, the more you will earn and this is definitely a fact, I can say this from personal experience, the more you know about business, the internet, marketing, The people, The search engines like google, the more money you will make and you can learn all of this with out to much difficulty.

This is a reality, one you can achieve too, being your own boss is possibly the best way to live an awesome and stress free life, follow your dreams, passions and most importantly, your inner feeling, they will lead you to success.


4 – Getting rich slowly

benefits of working from home
benefits of working from home

Getting rich the right way, get rich quick schemes do not and never will work, I think most of us are way beyond that point by realizing that by now, earning a good income and even becoming rich requires work and effort and a little help.. But where can you find that help?

Starting your own business is always an exciting step to make, infact its your first step into becoming your own boss, am I a rich guy you may wonder, definitely not, do I make a decent salary? Yes I do, this is just from one business I own, Which is alifeofgreatness.com, I started this adventure last year, but it was just after 10 months I started to make a decent salary from it.

can you get rich by having just one business? Unlikely, but by having multiple businesses, which means multiple sources of income, you can definitely earn a great deal of money, I already have my idea for the next business! and this time it will be about certain technology, quite the opposite of my first one, which was about health..

How did I do this, where did I learn all this stuff? I mean in all honesty I will tell you, I knew nothing about online business, marketing, websites or any of these seemingly *complicated* stuff, but yet here I am and if you are looking for an honest source to learn and to create your business from then please feel free to read my post How to work Home Jobs – Begin your online adventure fore free, this might be *the* all in one source you have been looking for.

Having your own business(es) can be definitely a reality for you, with some work and effort from your part you can definitely make this possible.


5 – You Reap the rewards of your work

Here you decide your own income, how much you earn, the work and effort you put in today and you will see its results in a matter of months.

benefits of working from home
benefits of working from home

You decide your own income, with the amount of work you put in, the amount of businesses you make, your determination to keep going, it all depends on you, if you are happy with a normal salary, great! its easily achievable, if you want to earn a good deal of money, Awesome! its also very achievable, if you to become rich, Amazing! You can do this, its going to take more work and time for sure, but its definitely well achievable if you put your mind to it and take action!

One of the saddest things I sometimes see happen is people working so hard towards their dreams and once their dream is within their grasp, they give up….. just because of some obstacle or some complication while being so close! NO! you don’t ever give up, you want success? keep going, work towards solutions, talk with people, do anything that can make your dream a reality, Make it happen.

There were plenty of times where I could have given up, give in to my emotions and quit, but I didn’t and if I did you wouldn’t be reading this article here today, so don’t give up, don’t you dare give up and always remember this.


6 – Make your own time schedule

benefits of working from home
benefits of working from home

No more early alarm clocks going of (unless you like it of course…), from now on you make your own hours, free from any company’s time schedule and no more travel time or travel expenses.

Health is yet again at stake here, waking up early and going to bed late is preventing many people from having a decent amount of sleep, causing more stress which means more illnesses, less work efficiency and liking your job even less, waiting just for the working hours to end, this my friends is a definite life killer, it just drains the life out of you.

No more early alarm clocks, having enough sleep, plenty of time for exercise and you will lead a healthy life, avoid getting into the rat race or get out of the rat race, life is so much more better than this and you can do it, you deserve a happy and fulfilling life.

Better yet, no more travel time and expenses, no more getting stuck in the traffic, no more worries about tomorrow, you have your own personal freedom!


7 – Freedom from fear

This is probably also one of the greatest benefits of working from home, you never have to worry about losing your job!

benefits of working from home
benefits of working from home

Yes this DEFINITELY is one of the greatest benefits, you never have to worry about losing your job, because YOU are the boss, you have your own business, you are free from a company’s bankruptcy or getting fired, you can do what ever you like, whenever you like.

You can actually think about this for a moment, in the world we live in today everything is changing so fast, the economy is still in a bad shape, people are still losing their jobs, but bigger yet, people are unhappy because they feel stuck in this rat race,

Their futures aren’t as secure as it was 10 or 20 years ago, it is a terrible feeling to have while working for yourself doesn’t have these issues, this is an opportunity for yourself to change your life, its new yes, maybe a little scary even, but once you’re over that first step, you will have so much more joy awaiting you, this I can tell you is a fact.


8 – Final word

everything that is unknown or new might scare us a little bit, but this should never stop you from moving forward, you can do this with some work and effort from your part and a good share of determination.

benefits of working from home
benefits of working from home


Life will always bring you challenges in one form or another, but you will get through this, I mean come on you have already made it this far. 😉

The point here is you can succeed in nearly anything in life, learn anything you want, improving yourself limitlessly to your amazing hidden potential, becoming the best version of yourself and then going even beyond that,

Have a look at my article The key towards a great & happy life for some more tips towards A life of Greatness.

Again if you are really looking for a great and honest source to create a business from, one that has Everything from training, creating websites, WordPress and so much more, then have a look at my article How to work home jobs – Begin your online adventure for free.

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed this article and helped you with seeing some of the great benefits of working from home, if you have any questions or would like to comment, feel free to comment below or e-mail me privately at mark@alifeofgreatness.com.


I wish you all a life of greatness,




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