What is The Ultimate Key to Success – The Defining Factor

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What is the key to success

Hi everyone,

In this small article i would like to talk about the biggest factor that will lead you to your success and why it is so important.

What is the key to success
What is the key to success

When we look at the question what is the key to success, we can actually ask the defining question what is the foundation to success,

Well my friends the answer is simple, The foundation to all Success is Vision, Yes, your Vision will lead you to success, why is Vision so important?

Because a life without vision is a life without direction,

A business without a vision is a business without a future,

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Your Vision will fuel your souls most greatest desires, Your vision is something you will never EVER give up, it is your souls essence, the essence of your future, where you are going, what directions you will take is all based on your vision.


Follow your Vision

Your vision is not based on your wants and needs, they are merely side effects from achieving your greatest desire, when you have a vision, if there is something you truly want to make happen in life, your deepest and greatest desires, then there is nothing in the world that can stop you from achieving it.

No matter the resistance you get, the failures you may have, the bad stuff people may talk about you, it is irrelevant, because you have your dreams and goals, you have your vision and nobody in the world but you can stop you from ever achieving it.

What is the key to success
What is the key to success

Dream big, achieve big, Bad stuff happens to everyone, but people without a vision, without a direction in their life, will just remain victims to life itself, But if you live life with a purpose and have a vision you absolutely want to achieve, then you will just simply stand back up and continue to your journey towards Greatness.

Your wants and needs are temporary, but your vision on the other hand…….., it is permanent, it may become greater, bigger and grandeur, but it is definitely permanent, it begins small and turns into something greater, more amazing, go for it, you deserve it.

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What is the key to success >>> Create your own success  >>> Create your own future

This is why my friends i put Vision on the top of the list, it is the foundation to all success, your fuel, your motivation & inspiration comes from it, once you know your own vision, everything else will fall into place,

We don’t always know the how’s or why’s, they seem to show themselfs whenever the time is right, we research, we learn and we grow, this is a fact for sure, we act on our own idea’s and insights or perhaps even from a helpful friend or relative, things always seem to unfold….. Interestingly.

What is the key to success
What is the key to success

understanding oneself is an equally important aspect how success is achieved, do you know what you are doing right now and why you are doing it, maybe not perfectly, but an idea why you are doing it? These questions all reflect back to your vision.

If you do not have an idea of where you are going, what hope of a future do you expect to achieve? Stop for a moment and think about it, what is your purpose for doing everything, think about these questions and you will have your answer my friend.

Be a Leader in your own life


This was a small article about what is the ultimate key to success, i shared my personal insights and experiences to what i believe is the biggest fact for success and again to see more other key factors check out my other article the keys and foundation towards A Great Life.

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If you have any request for a article or would like to add some idea’s and insights of your own, feel free to comment below or if you have more personal questions feel free to e-mail me at mark@alifeofgreatness.com.

Take care and as always wishing you all an amazing Life of Greatness.

Your friend,


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